The Art of the Unknown (Expect the Unexpected)

Most of us have tendencies to project our views and lifestyle on others. We also like be very calculated and know-it-alls about everything. Some will assume just because they knew a person for good period of time, they figure that they know them better than they know themselves. But the problem with that is everyone has … More The Art of the Unknown (Expect the Unexpected)

Amusement and Entertainment

Similar to hip hop, there’s four elements to the American lifestyle : Race – Black and white tension, Whites wanting dominion over America via the world, Blacks fighting/killing each other Religion – God used a scapegoat, contradicting, hypocritical elitists Sexism/gender – One sex trying to dominate the other Drama – Dysfunctional relationships and old, backwards … More Amusement and Entertainment

Indie Soldier

The main goal when your put on this earth is to make a change, impact or a contribution to the world no matter in the country state or city that you reside or come from. Even in a collective or group, everyone has their part in the project. Although there are obstacles made of fear, anxiety … More Indie Soldier