Amusement and Entertainment

unnamedSimilar to hip hop, there’s four elements to the American lifestyle :

Race – Black and white tension, Whites wanting dominion over America via the world, Blacks fighting/killing each other

Religion – God used a scapegoat, contradicting, hypocritical elitists

Sexism/gender – One sex trying to dominate the other

Drama – Dysfunctional relationships and old, backwards ways of thinking

A lot the we deal with can be resolved real quick but the thing is that the problem, lie or violence is more enjoyable, appealing than the solution, conflict resolution and truth to most. Businesses and companies get rich off the chaos that goes on while majority of the citizens play into the madness being knowledgeable about what’s happening. Best way to avoid these issues is to do good, be productive and build resilience plus don’t give them any power, let them get to you or play in to their game.

Though I can understand the entertainment value/factor involve because I’m just as guilty for watching medias as well as buying products that represent these issues and problems that we go through. As I’ve matured and came to an understanding of how things work, I made conscious decision to watch who I deal with and always stay balanced so be all of the temptations set in front you by them.


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